Young Kvothe

The jack of hearts is Kvothe as a child. I wanted to capture him learning and practicing the lute. It is the same lute that you seen in the Kvothe Tarbean card, but in that card it is broken (making it his fathers lute). I hired a lovely young model for this. He was professionally paid $20 and a Cadbury creme egg. He was darling. I used about five reference shots of him to compose in exactly the right manner for the above painting.

I spent a lot of time considering how the cards flip. With this one, I wanted to give the illusion that he may be cross legged, so I positioned one tucked and one down. I actually shot several poses and this is a combination. We shot him on a stump in my backyard with natural lighting.

You can see the hint of a decorative wagon wheel behind him. It's important to me that there are elements that you only notice after staring at the art for an extended period of time. You will also see that the tree shadows on his shirt also subtly form into the shape of a wheel (symbolically tying both into Ruh reality and the Amyr)

I went with Lord Grayfallows colors of green and gray. You will notice through the Ruh cards that while they wear greens and greys, there is actually a lot of variation in the actual hues and shades. This is on purpose. The world is an inconsistent place, as are fabrics that are hand dyed.

San Diego Comic Con

I'm so excited. I was able to premiere two of the originals from the Name of the Wind art deck at comic con. You can see them on the wall at my SDCC booth. I'm super stoked about this deck, and have been working on it since September!

Facebook Banner Headers

I’m going to be posting up some rockin’ Facebook Banner Headers – Feel free to snag and share any image on this blog, and use them as your profile or header!

Thanks for spreading the word!


Name of the Wind Art Deck

I can finally post some images from the NOTW art deck that’s going to be announced in a few weeks. I’m super excited as I’ve been working on them for the past nine months, without being able to share. The books are so wonderful, as is Pat – and the fans are spectacularly fanatical about the universe. All of these factors both inspire and demand that an artist do a *killer* job on this project. If you haven’t noticed, I’ve stripped out my old, defunct, blog and rebooted it. Specifically for this project. I will be posting regular commentary about the deck and the kickstarter as it progresses, here on this blog.

I’ll be talking about my thought process, the design of the cards, influences and more – and answering questions. So if you have a question about the cards, especially about their design or creation – by all means, please leave me a comment! 🙂

Or, if you want to say – great work, Echo! I can see why you’ve been so quiet this year! You can say that too! An artist needs love sometimes!

So, check here for regular updates for the next two months! 🙂


Oh, and hey – if you want to grab any of these images for your facebook profile, or share on your page – go ahead! Just, please link to the kickstarter! (the ks link coming soon!)


Hometown Brewery

When you grow up in a small town, you know pretty much everyone that you went to elementary through high school with.  I received a call out of the blue from a guy that I went to school with named Jamison Boucher. It’s really surreal to hear from someone after so many years – but it’s awesome when you find out that they’ve been successful in their dreams!  Apparently he’d been keeping tabs on everything that I’ve been doing over the years with my own career, and wanted to hire me to do the logo for his brewery. He thought it would be cool if our hometown brewery (in Ellington, Ct), had a logo designed by an artist who grew up there.  That’s him (in the photo below, the guy on the right).  Here’s to people in your past!! (clink)

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