Yes, I am moving to Seattle this summer.

Florida has been fun, but there are so many more opportunities, fans, clients, and art galleries, in Seattle that this is a no-brainer. Actually, I just met Gerald Brom and found out he lives only 2 miles away from me now. LOL!

Thank you, Florida. It’s been great while it lasted. You WILL STILL see me at MegaCon every year, though. 🙂


I had so much fun at Spectrum LIVE 2012. I got to spend more time with friends and legends like Mark Nelson, Gerald Brom, Jeff Miracola, Andy Brase, RK Post, Raven Mimura… the list went on and on. Michael Whelan even visited me at my booth. Obviously, I’ve been a fan of his for years but I’m proud that I didn’t geek out. So few people knew who I was because the show is all about Fantasy and Sci-Fi art and most of my work is in advertising. I have been juried into 5 issues of Spectrum (including this one) over the years so I deserve to be there, but I’m not an annual contributor and don’t get the juicy assignments… Yet. Getting to finally introduce myself to these professionals was such a treat.

One highlight was meeting the art director for Magic: The Gathering and joking with him that I was the only artist there not begging him for work. 😉

(Advertising pays better.)

The parties after the show were my favorite. Just artists hanging out with artists and talking art and sex and business and sex and the business of sexy art. I am SO tired after it all – but in a blissful pillow-hugging way.

When all was said and done I WILL be going back next year. I actually turned a profit after all my expenses – not by much. But for a first year show with so few collectors and mostly students and other artists attending to sell to, I made out better than most. Next year I’ll bring original drawings, some limited edition Giclees, and maybe an Oil Painting – just for fun.

Anyway, I will see you this summer on Tour!


Thank you Calgary!!!

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I’m sorry I wasn’t there in person – but it looks like you took good care of my hubby while he sat in for me. He had a great time and met so many great people. He can’t stop talking about the size of the show and the local Indian cuisine (he had his first taste of Butter Chicken).

I hope to make it next year. If not, expect to see Laz again. He really loves Calgary.


Thank you, Chicago.

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Lazarus and Glenn at C2E2

My husband Lazarus and his father Glenn at C2E2 for me.

Look for our booth near Dick Blick (293)!

C2E2 Floorplan

C2E2 Floorplan

My Booth L10-11 at Emerald City Comic Con 2012

My booth the first hour of the first day of the show looks calm… but I was instantly busy with thousands of fans who stripped my booth clean by the end of Sunday. I entered with 8 boxes and left with just 1 (and a half). Thank you all so much for the love!

My art was selected to be in this year’s issue of Spectrum. I’m not sure which piece/s was/were selected yet – but I’ll make another announce when I know.

This will make my fourth appearance in SPECTRUM. I seem to only make it into odd editions.

Learn more about the absolute BEST compilation of sci-fi/fantasy art at their website:

Of course, I already announced that I’ll have my own booth at the very first ever SPECTRUM LIVE, a dedicated sci-fi/fantasy art convention for nothing but art, art collectors and artists. Others displaying include Michael Whelan, Donato Giancolo, Boris Vallejo, Julie Bell, Todd Lockwood, BROM, and my friend Andy Brase. If you don’t recognize these names, then google them immediately.

See you there!

While I am in Seattle for Emerald City Comic Con, Laz will be attending the CGA SunCoast this Saturday in Punta Gorda, FL. He will bring our art. Most proceeds will go to benefit the “My children need Summer activities funds because most of the conventions moved out of this Summer” Foundation.

Can’t wait to get back to Seattle. I can’t bring all of everything – so make sure to stop by early before i run out of your favorite work of art. 😀

As usual, my home crowd was awesome. Okay, so I live 2.5 hours away – but it’s the closest show of any size to me – and the fans treat me like gold and I love them right back.

And then there was the additional surprise of a fan who simply walk by and looked EXACTLY like my latest piece Strawberry Ice Cream Cthulhu. She even looks more like the piece than the original model did. That’s the second time that has happened to me. The last was with the Goddess of Cheese at DragonCon 2011. I need a portfolio of those if they keeping happening. 🙂

Strawberry Cthulhu Fan Lookalike

Strawberry Cthulhu Fan Lookalike