Personally I think Mola is my favorite card. But maybe it's because if I studied at the University, I would most certainly have studied at the Medica.

When I was fourteen, I became the youngest certified emt in the country, and used to work on the ambulance. I went to high school in a unique town where the high schoolers ran the ambulance during the day. So, maybe it's just that I relate with her.

Pat describes the Medica uniforms in his book, but I don't think he visualized it until now. He was very excited when he saw her uniform.

On this card deck I chose to be creative with the diagonals. I treat each one differently. In this case, she is unrolling gauze. It came out so perfect. She looks like she's approaching you, here to help.

This card is very recognizable from a distance, and I love that about it. I hope you like her too.

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